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Western Herbal Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been used since time began. There are early recordings from all around the world.  In the West, Herbal Medicine was the forerunner of orthodox medicine; indeed, many orthodox drugs are based on plants.  Pharmaceutical companies still spend millions researching plants for their active constituents.  Nowadays, Western Medical Herbalists are trained to diagnose in similar ways to GP’s and speak the same language in terms of pathology and diagnosis. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners have different approaches to diagnosis and pathology.  This reflects an ancient tradition of healing and relies on the patient’s history, pulse diagnosis and observation including the tongue for diagnosing imbalances within the body.  The diagnostic language is also totally different to Western medicine e.g. a diagnosis of Pathogenic Invasion of Wind Heat could translate to a cold with a sore throat or Liver Yang Rising Headache could be a classic migraine.

TCM uses both herbal medicines and acupuncture.  There are several styles of acupuncture practiced in this country.  TCM, 5 Elements, Stems and Branches and medical or dry needling as it is sometimes known.  Dedj practises Integrated Acupuncture which incorporates both TCM and 5 Elements for its diagnosis.  Single use sterile disposable needles are always used. 

Dedj always uses plants specifically grown for medicinal use.  Wherever possible these are organic, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers and always come from sustainable sources.  All herbs are purchased from suppliers who provide authenticated, high quality products that are free of pharmaceutical drugs and do not contain endangered plant or animal species.

Dedj offers consultation and prescription services from The Point of Health, a multi-discipline practice in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire.

To book an appointment, please contact The Point of Health directly on 02380 269809 or call Dedj on her mobile 07789881676.





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