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Festival First Aid

Dedj started providing acute medical services with herbs at festivals in 1993.  She became involved in first aid from the first festival she attended and actively decided to work in this area using conventional first aid as needed, but offering herbal treatments in addition.  After doing this work alone for 4 years she became so busy that she started to work with a team, at first of 4 extra people, then 8, then 15 and now she runs a team of 24 herbalists who have also trained in first aid. 

Dedj became an HSE approved first aid trainer and regularly teaches first aid to those who work with her.  She became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) due to her love of this work and the weight of responsibility of the role of being the only first aid on site at many festivals. 

Dedj set up The Medical Herbalists in 1998.  This is a changing group of qualified herbalists who work at festivals with her.  It is a training clinic for students and many have gained clinical hours for their degree courses at these events.

The Medical Herbalists do not only offer first and second aid, but they treat all manner of conditions that patients would normally have to leave the festival to see a GP.  Examples of what we treat include: cystitis, chest infections, ear ache, sinusitis, fevers of unknown origin, skin eruptions, allergic reactions, diarrhoea and vomiting and many other self treatable conditions like headaches, hangovers and hoarse singers voices.  These and many other conditions have been successfully treated many times over the years. 

The Medical Herbalists are now well known amongst festival goers for the valuable service that they provide.The Medical Herbalists

Dedj used to do many more festivals than she does now. 
In 2014 she intends to be at:

  • Small World in Kent, May & August Bank Holiday weekend
  • Glastonbury in Somerset, last weekend June
  • The Green Gathering, Chepstow, 1st weekend August

If you would like to work with her you need to be a student of herbal medicine or qualified medical herbalist. You also need a current First Aid certificate. Please apply by sending contacting Dedj. People are selected partly on a first come first served basis. Preference is given to students in their final year. A mixture of experience is needed and the clinic supervisors have all been working at the festivals for many years. Every effort is made to give as many as possible the opportunity to come. Follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates.


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